Because Digital Athletes Deserve Just as Much as all Other Athletes!

What a gamer need is steady hands, clear mind and mental focus to get in the zone and control the outcome of the game. That’s where it all started off for us, with the lack of healthy performance drinks for gamers. All functional drinks on the market are meant for other purposes, which creates a big gap, a gap that doesn’t fill up the need a gamer have. And that’s having calm nerves, but quick hands. That is why we created NAU Snse, a performance drink for gamers. And the best thing is, you wont feel any jitters, crashes or feel drowsy after drinking it.

No more flying bulls, no more monsters. Let’s just take a step back from all energy drinks and ask ourselves, why do I drink it when I am preparing myself for 3 hours of fully still, concentrated and focused mind revolution? We need to start nurturing our mind, the way athletes nurture their body. Stop jacking up your body with caffeine, and start giving it nutrients that keeps you calm in body and sharp in mind.

Let’s start doing what makes sense!


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