Are you looking for the best energy drinks without caffeine? Caffeine free energy drink is well, not an energy drink to begin with. However, the term is deeply coined that we’re making an exception in this article to talk about what you probably looked for; a caffeine free energy drink.

Why should you continue read?

This article will give you a good alternative to energy drinks; a healthy energy drink without caffeine. We will also jump into the arguments and reasons to why you shouldn’t consume the substance as much as you are and the benefits of detoxing yourself.

Energy Drinks without Caffeine

Energy drinks without caffeine

More and more energy brands are launching new products that doesn’t contain caffeine. Why? Because more and more consumers are being aware of the unnecessary evil the substance brings when you drink it in excess amounts. However, removing caffeine from an energy drink will in many cases just leave you with a soft drink – and there are plenty of brands that delivers good soft drinks!

A real energy drink without caffeine is usually what you should call a focus drink. What most people are looking for is a caffeine free drink for focus. Something you want to consume during the day for concentration during those long business hours, during those study hours or just when you are grinding the latest game on your PC or console.

What should an energy drink without caffeine contain?

If you are looking for a well-balanced, healthy and natural caffeine free energy drink you should be looking into this:

1.      Does it contain any cognitive enhancing ingredients?

A focus drink should contain nootropics that is backed by research. Usually this is hard. The Nootropics market is growing rapidly, and more and more brands are entering the market. The most commonly used nootropic is L-Theanine, an amino-acid found in green tea; used for its focus enhancing attributes, it’s a perfect substitute for caffeine. Many studies also show that it works wonders to diminish negative side effects of caffeine, such as jitters. It is the easiest way to have a non caffeine energy drink.

2.      Does it contain artificial ingredients?

Artificial ingredients aren’t instantly bad. But when they can be avoided, they should. Today, using artificial coloring and or flavouring is just bad business – because there are plenty of natural substitutes, look for them!

3.      Is it a low calorie non caffeinated energy drink?

The drink you choose does not have to be zero calorie (which in 90% of the cases means artificial sweetening). However, it should be low on it. Combinations of sugar and stevia is a perfect way to keep the calorie intake at a minimum. Less than 20 calories per 100 ml is considered low calorie in most countries.

Separate energy from focus.

It doesn’t matter if energy drinks are marketed as healthy energy drinks, natural energy drinks or any other marketing word to convince you that they are good for you – the question you have to ask is do you need to consume it because you think you need the energy, or are you looking to regain your focus?

Most people struggle to realize the difference between low on energy and low on focus or concentration. You might need a lot of extra energy before hitting the gym or going for a run. However, if you are a student, working in front of a computer or gaming for hours you need to keep focus – not energy. In these instances, energy drinks will make you jittery, lose focus and eventually give you either sugar or caffeine crashes. Never heard of a caffeine crash? Read more here.

caffeine free energy drink

Healthy energy drinks?

Most companies that argue that they are selling a healthy energy drink is selling a low sugar energy drink (or sugar free alternative).

But is that really helpful?

Whilst consuming to much sugar isn’t good, this does really just take away sugar crashes from the equation. You are still dealing with caffeine crashes, the inability to focus and jitteriness. Remember, we are trying to focus here for the upcoming exam week or for that 8 hour CS:GO grind.

Natural energy drinks?

So, what is the next trick big companies have up their sleeves? “Natural energy drinks”. All natural products are good in several ways, but then again – if you are drinking an energy drink that will give you crashes and make you jittery, it doesn’t really matter if the ingredients are industrially made or natural.

What we need, is to go around this concept that energy drinks are something we need, regardless if they are called healthy, natural, low sugar or any other word that gets your attention. You need a healthy and natural focus drink.

A Healthy & Natural Focus Drink.

This is why Nau Snse is created. A product that actually nurtures your brain. So, the next time it’s time for a mental challenge, ask yourself, is it time to jack myself up with caffeine? Or is it time to consume the nutrients that will keep my body calm and sharp in mind.

With a nootropic like Nau Snse, you have the advantage of being creative as well as being focused and concentrated. The performance you feel from a supplement like Nau Snse is completely different from energy drinks. With that being said, you shouldn’t even compare those two drinks. They have different purposes, as they should. Categorizing energy drinks together with protein shakes, BCAA and other gym-related products is the right way to go. However, are you searching for supplements and products to increase focus and reaching peak performance while grinding your favorite game, studying or hitting that hard work day, try Nau Snse and see for yourself.

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We don’t just sell products. Have any questions regarding brain optimization? Hit us up at the Facebook Chat and let’s talk!

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